Input Raw Materials

PET flakes CLEAR

Requirements for purchased product

PET flakes BLUE

Requirements for purchased product

For suppliers

Possibility of supplying the input of raw material PET flakes, either on a preferred contractual basis or possibly on a spot trade basis.
We prefer the supply of PET flakes CLEAR, in case of customer's interest in color regranulate also PET flakes BLUE.

Requirements for purchased PET flakes are summarized in the document Requirements (specifications in chapter 4.4).

Please follow our packaging instructions - see Packaging instructions for more information.

The basis is a declaration of conformity that min. 95 % of flakes come from beverage bottles.
Other required documents from suppliers: material and safety data sheet, REACH declaration, ISO certificate.

If you are interested in becoming our supplier, please send us a 1 kg sample of each color or grade in a zipper bag so that we can verify the quality in our lab.

Samples can by sent to:

rPET InWaste, s.r.o.
Cukrovar 1705
665 01 Rosice
Czech Republic

We look forward to cooperating with you.