Our vision

By 2025, we want to be the most important supplier of rPET regranulate for the food industry within the Czech Republic.

Our mission

We close the loop of PET bottles in the Czech Republic and turn waste into raw material.

Circular economics makes sense

Recycling is a process when material, that is no longer needed, can be used again. However, this often leads to degradation of the original raw material - "downcycling". The life cycle of material thus after some time ends, but the result is reduction of a need to extract a new raw material.

The linear economy constantly needs new materials, and the generated waste must be disposed of in ways that represent a great burden on the environment (incinerated, landfilled). Resources are being depleted, liquidated, and this behaviour will become unsustainable in the future.

But there is way called circular economy where material or product can be used again and again. Such recycling is the basis of the circular economy, the so-called "upcycling", which our company strives for. PET material can be used in the system repeatedly with minimal waste generation and significantly lower energy consumption.

Our goal is the production of quality and safe material that can replace the primary virgin PET material.